[wikka-community] Spam

John Francis Lee jfl
Mon Oct 24 03:21:05 GMT 2011


I just discovered

  1. a whole raft of bogus users signed up
  2. a whole raft of admin(!) pages created by the bogus users

I deleted the users en masse, but their bogus pages remained. I see no 
way to delete the pages en masse. I'll have to delete them all, one at a 

This is a show stopper for wikka as far as I am concerned, if this is 
the only way to handle this.

First, I had no idea that new user accounts had been created. I had 
assumed I'd be notified at the attempted creation of user accounts and 
allowed or disallowed account creation at that point.

Can I do that somehow?

Same with posting... first posting reviewed, if passed further postings 

Can I do that somehow?

Thanks again for all your help.

I found an old response from Brian in my spam, for some reason. Maybe 
that's where 'all' the replies to my questions have been going. I'll be 
sure to review my spam more closely, although I had thought that 
incoming mail from an address I had mailed to myself ought not to be 
marked as spam.

"This message may have been intercepted and read by U.S. government 
agencies including the FBI, CIA, and NSA and/or the present government 
of Thailand without notice or warrant or knowledge of sender or recipient."

John Francis Lee
246/3 Thanon Kaew Wai
Mueang Chiangrai 57000

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