[wikka-community] special characters

Filip De Haes fille
Fri May 14 22:06:53 GMT 2010


i've recently installed wikkawiki without any problems on a linux based 
nas system, for home use only - installations on windows based xampp and 
usb-server packages did not work btw, but that's not my concern at this 
moment, it runs smoothly on the linux case

the file upload system and including in pages of images and files is 
quite a mess in wikka. i just upload the files to the server myself and 
link from there instead of linking from the wikka-file structure itself. 

one thing that really pisses me off while using the wikka is the lack of 
support for non standard (+ascii-128?) characters... each time i enter a 
? (double points on the e), or a ? (euro-sign), or whatever somewhat 
special character and press 'store', it just cuts off all my previously 
entered text just before the special character...

is there any way i can fix this? if not i'll have to remove the wikka. 
would be a pitty because generally speaking i like the look and feel of 
the thing.


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