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Kevin Timmons KTimmons
Thu May 13 15:00:58 GMT 2010

That worked perfectly Mahefa, thanks a million.

Thanks to you too Dario.





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I apologize, if you copy/paste the code I posted, I wrote media="print"
which should have been media="all" or media="screen"

Work hard at whatever you do! (Ecc. 9. 10a, CEV)

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 4:02 PM, Dario Taraborelli
<dartar at wikkawiki.org> wrote:

Mahefa, yes that's a much more clever (and modular) way to do it.


Just one minor point, custom actions such should be saved in the
/plugins/actions tree (not under /actions) otherwise they will be lost
during an upgrade!




On 12 May 2010, at 13:56, mahefa randimbisoa wrote:

I'm talking as for the future version 1.3 to come, but you have to test
with the version you're using.


Wikka has a method called AddCustomHeader(), so, Actions could also do
the trick. lets call it custombg.php, which you put on



$url = $vars['url']; // call your action with {{custombg url="xxx.jpg"}}


$url = str_replace(array('<', '>', '"', "'"), '', $url);

$custom_header = "<style type='text/css' media='print'> body {
background: url('$url'); }</style>";




In any page, you could then write {{custombg url="mybg.jpg"}} to
customize its background. (if what you need is personnalized background
for every specific page)


Work hard at whatever you do! (Ecc. 9. 10a, CEV)


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