[wikka-community] line breaks mid 'markup'

Nils Lindenberg niehle
Thu Sep 10 17:21:31 GMT 2009

Hi Dave,

actually, we all have a limited amount of time for wikka at hand. So  
the documentation doesn't list everything which is/should be  
discouraged, it limits itself to state what is encouraged, which is  
less time consuming. If it is your opinion that the documentation, or  
part of it, should be made clearer regarding certain aspects, feel  
free to comment on the correspondig page(s). It's a wiki, you just  
have to register.

Regarding your argument of users relying on undocumented features: the  
codebase of wikka has seen many changes in the last years, mostly  
enhancing the options and the freedom a wiki-admin has for his own  
wiki. But if we really take away options, well, people who heavily  
rely on it will probably find a way to notify us. And we will listen  
and find a way, even if it requires a longer amount of time and for  
the moment there is nothing more then a workaround. Probably even less  
time consuming then expanding the documentation to cover the very last  


WikkaWiki Developer

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