[wikka-community] line breaks mid 'markup'

Dave Pawson dave.pawson
Thu Sep 10 17:41:19 GMT 2009

2009/9/10 Nils Lindenberg <niehle at gmail.com>:
> Hi Dave,
> actually, we all have a limited amount of time for wikka at hand. So the
> documentation doesn't list everything which is/should be discouraged, it
> limits itself to state what is encouraged, which is less time consuming. If
> it is your opinion that the documentation, or part of it, should be made
> clearer regarding certain aspects, feel free to comment on the correspondig
> page(s). It's a wiki, you just have to register.

I think I am registered. I'll put up the changes, perhaps tomorrow, UK
time, based on what I've heard in this thread.

> Regarding your argument of users relying on undocumented features: the
> codebase of wikka has seen many changes in the last years, mostly enhancing
> the options and the freedom a wiki-admin has for his own wiki. But if we
> really take away options, well, people who heavily rely on it will probably
> find a way to notify us.

Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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