[wikka-community] custom {{revisionlink}} menulet (action)

flurios flurios
Thu Oct 1 13:34:30 GMT 2009

Hello everybody,

I would like to modify the {{revisionlink}} action.

Purpose: I have a main site with a list of projects represented by
their own page. In the main list I would like to include the
revisionlink output of the listed page.

Look and Feel: To show the revisionlink of a specific page I want to
use the following syntax: {{revisionlink PageName}} (or {{revisionlink
page="PageName"}}) and I would like to be able to disable the xml/rss
link somehow.

Any suggestions? I digged a bit in the code as far as revisions.php
... but it looked a bit confusing to me...


Btw. is it possible to just include a part of a page? e.g. with
no-/include sections?

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