[wikka-community] A csv to wiki table converter, and what to do with it?

Will Woodhull wwoodhull
Thu Oct 1 18:47:09 GMT 2009

See below:

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 3:59 AM, Dario Taraborelli <dartar at wikkawiki.org>wrote:

> Hi Will,
> and welcome to the list. The idea of a CSV converter for tables sounds
> really nice. It could be bundled in a "Utilities" page or provided as a Web
> service (similar to html2wiki) for Wikka users (or both)

I mean to take a look at html2wiki...

> The best way to get feedback from other Wikka contributors is to start a
> new page at wikkawiki.org

I'll try to do this later today. Thanks for the suggestion

> Also check out these CSV manipulation libraries posted by Nils: http://wikkawiki.org/HandleCsvData

I discovered this late in developing csvimport and so far I've done nothing
more than take a quick look to see if I was reinventing a wheel. A closer
look is on my todo list.

> <http://wikkawiki.org/HandleCsvData>
> Do you have a demo available?

I do now!

Please, everyone, take a look and let me know what you think

> On 1 Oct 2009, at 07:09, Will Woodhull wrote:
> <snippage happens>
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Will Woodhull
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