[wikka-community] Cannot log in successfully

Jens Giesemann jens
Sun Apr 5 20:48:14 GMT 2009

hi kyle,

you wrote you were directed to the UserSettings again, as if you call it 
by url - no "wrong password" message? have a look at the login/logout, 
perhaps you ARE logged in? in this case, it might be something 
concerning the "redirect to former page after login dialog " feature, 
which came with

have you checked the collation and charset of the database and the users 
table? try with only std chars in login/pwd.

can you create any new account?


jens giesemann


jens giesemann it-management


Kyle Maxwell schrieb:
> I've installed Wikka on a shared server (at Dreamhost) after 
> testing on a local system at work. This is on Linux running Apache and 
> PHP 5. I'm running the latest version of Firefox under Ubuntu 8.10.
> The install seemed to go well in the initial configuration phases, but 
> now when I try to log in, I just get immediately taken back to the 
> UserSettings page as if I did not. I've verified and re-verified that 
> I have used the correct password, including checking the md5 hash 
> manually and using the Firefox Web Developer extension to make sure of 
> what's getting submitted.
> The Apache logs show all 200s, I've cleared all domain cookies, 
> disabled the use of rewrite, and still nothing. I just can't log in at 
> all.
> Can anyone give me any pointers to where I should look next? Thanks...
> -- 
> Kyle Maxwell [krmaxwell at gmail.com <mailto:krmaxwell at gmail.com>]

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