[wikka-community] Help with final testing needed

ddevine ddevine
Wed Mar 19 20:44:02 GMT 2008

Brian Koontz wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 04:15:53PM -0400, ddevine wrote:
>>> 1. Grab a copy of the latest revision from the 
>>> SVN: http://tinyurl.com/2uqtyn
> ...
>> Downloaded from your Url above...there is no {{checkversion}} action 
>> inside /actions and this doesn't display on my front page nor does it 
>> display on my sysinfo page.  I added it manually to sysinfo and it still 
>> doesn't display because checkversion.php is not inside /actions.
> Odd...just downloaded it myself, and checkversion.php is right there in
> actions/ ...
> Can you do it via svn?
> svn co https://wush.net/svn/wikka/branches/ wikka-1164/
> I'll look at this a bit later this evening...
>   --Brian
I had a bad couple of downloads...I finally got ahold of it after the 
4th time hitting that URL.  So, now I have all intended files inside my 
directories, however, I don't have that action resulting in anything 
displayed on my wiki.  No "hey, you're missing 2.0" warning box etc.  So 
this seems not to work as intended.  I can give out temp admin access to 
my wiki if someone would like to check it out.

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