[wikka-news] WikkaWiki released

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Mon May 7 14:55:01 GMT 2007

Dear all,

I'm happy to announce the release of version of WikkaWiki, an  
important security upgrade available for download from the Wikka  

The Wikka Developer Team have been working hard over the last months  
on 1.1.7, a major release that will feature a number of important  
enhancements (both in terms of functionality and configurability). We  
have recently decided to make available to our user community a  
number of security fixes already included in 1.1.7 as a dedicated  

Wikka does not introduce new functionality, but several  
patches against potential security issues. These include, among  
others, a native PHP vulnerability (i.e. not a Wikka bug) affecting  
virtually any application running on PHP<5.2, that has been  
brilliantly patched thanks to the joint efforts of the Wikka and  
GeSHi Developer teams.

We strongly recommend Wikka users to upgrade to Upgrading  
via the installer takes only a few minutes and will make your wiki  

Wikka is available as a tarball and a zip:
- http://wikkawiki.org/downloads/Wikka-
- http://wikkawiki.org/downloads/Wikka-

The list of changes introuded in can be browsed here: http:// 

Want to play with WikkaWiki? A live demo running version is  
available at http://demo.wikkawiki.org

Release security
As of, we introduced a tighter security policy in our  
official distributions. You can learn more about this at: http:// 

Bug reporting
Bug reports and suggestions for new features are welcome in the Wikka  
tracker: http://tracker.wikkawiki.org/newticket

You can now stay tuned to the latest news from the Wikka Dev Team by  
pointing your browser or feed reader to the brand new Wikka Developer  
Blog: http://blog.wikkawiki.org

New Wikka developers
Last but not least, I'm proud to announce that since the last stable  
release, the Wikka Team has welcomed two new developers.
Tormod (TormodHaugen) has extensively worked on a new markup for data  
tables, that will be included in 1.1.7 and whose syntax can be  
previewed here: http://docs.wikkawiki.org/TableMarkup
Brian (BrianKoontz) has brought to Wikka his expertise in the area of  
security and a lot of valuable insights and contributions on how to  
make Wikka easier to extend. Thank you guys for helping us make Wikka  
better :)

A big thanks to all the other members of the Dev Team: DotMG,  
JavaWoman, NilsLindenberg, YanB for the great job they did on the  
code and documentation over the last months.

Wikka on IRC
If you need support, want to share ideas, or just want to meet Wikka  
developers and contributors, you can join us in the #wikka channel at  



Dario Taraborelli
Wikka Development Team

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