[wikka-community] Anyone interested in helping with dev work?

Brian brian at wikkawiki.org
Mon May 30 00:11:07 UTC 2016

Just curious if anyone is interested in helping with some dev work...could
use some i18n/language help, and some theme work involving CSS.
(Thankfully, no JS!)

A current list of issues can be found here:


I'd suggest filtering by milestone (1.3.8, i18n) as I've just made a pass
through the open issues and reassigned several to the next release (the
i18n stuff has its own milestone).

Also, a note to previous devs:  I'm planning on retiring those who don't
respond to the Hall of Fame (Tormod and Masin, I've seen some activity with
both of you so I'll keep you on as active devs).  Don't think of it as a
demotion, think of it as me trying to move things forwards.  I realize WW
has passed its heyday, but there still seems to be a small but solid core
of users that consistently upgrade when releases are made.

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