[wikka-community] Anyone interested in helping with dev work?

mahefa randimbisoa dotmg at wikkawiki.org
Mon May 30 04:30:43 UTC 2016

Dear Brian,

I was trying PHP 7 a couple of months ago, and was pleased with the shift
in performance.

Dozen of well used function (ereg_*, mysql_*) are deprecated, and WikkaWiki
could not run with PHP7.

Adapting WikkaWiki for PHP7 should not be a great challenge, and I had on
my mind to create a milestone like 1.7 for WikkaWiki PHP7-compatible, which
should be ready for testing in the next 2 months.

Thank you for pointing to WikkaWiki/Issues, I will create 2 branches of
Wikkawiki on my github projects,
https://github.com/DotMG/WikkaWiki for the current branch 1.3.x

I'll create another https://github.com/DotMG/WikkaWiki1.7 for the PHP7



"La razon es tediosa y aburrida...*utilizaremos la fuerza*"
(Los Pinguinos de Madagascar)

2016-05-30 3:11 GMT+03:00 Brian <brian at wikkawiki.org>:

> Just curious if anyone is interested in helping with some dev work...could
> use some i18n/language help, and some theme work involving CSS.
> (Thankfully, no JS!)
> A current list of issues can be found here:
> https://github.com/wikkawik/WikkaWiki/issues
> I'd suggest filtering by milestone (1.3.8, i18n) as I've just made a pass
> through the open issues and reassigned several to the next release (the
> i18n stuff has its own milestone).
> Also, a note to previous devs:  I'm planning on retiring those who don't
> respond to the Hall of Fame (Tormod and Masin, I've seen some activity with
> both of you so I'll keep you on as active devs).  Don't think of it as a
> demotion, think of it as me trying to move things forwards.  I realize WW
> has passed its heyday, but there still seems to be a small but solid core
> of users that consistently upgrade when releases are made.
>   --Brian
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