[wikka-community] How to include menus in a wiki page

John Francis Lee jfl
Tue Oct 11 06:17:09 GMT 2011

I read in 'handlers' that all I need do to edit a page is tack '/edit/' 
on the end of the url... very good.

I read in 'actions' about 'menulets'... there are 2 pre-existing 
(families of) menus bundled with wikka : main_menu and options_menu... 
very good.

How do I put the menus, or ones I create myself, on the page?

There's no clue on the WikkaMenus page.

I tried {{main_menu}}... uh, uh.

I tried <?php echo $this->MakeMenu('main_menu'); ?>... uh, uh.

There's something about the documentation for wikka that makes me nuts.

This should not be a secret.

"This message may have been intercepted and read by U.S. government 
agencies including the FBI, CIA, and NSA and/or the present government 
of Thailand without notice or warrant or knowledge of sender or recipient."

John Francis Lee
246/3 Thanon Kaew Wai
Mueang Chiangrai 57000

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