[wikka-community] About UTF-8

Michael Bonfils murlock42
Tue May 3 19:15:18 GMT 2011

Thanks for your response,

I understand that convert is a big point.

Otherwise, in./3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit/wikkaedit_data.js, I've
added at the end of constructor function :

textarea.value = textarea.value.replace(/&#(\d+);/g,
function() {
return String.fromCharCode(RegExp.$1);

ps: I've chosen this because In handlers/edit/edit.php, there is a
reference to bug #427 that explain why we can't use

The numeric entities are now correctly displayed in editor.

I think this way is safe (no eval, and we are sure to only update a
value field) but I'm not a web guru about security.

My 2 cents,

Michael Bonfils ( http://www.murlock.org )

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