[wikka-community] help for a newbie

Brian Koontz brian
Mon Apr 5 11:43:05 GMT 2010

On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 10:35:27PM -0700, Grace Stanat wrote:
> Hello. Not sure where to send this, so apologies in advance if this is 
> the wrong place.

This is the right place!

> First off, is there a forum somewhere to ask questions of the community? 
> If so, I can't for the like of me find it.

This list, despite its low volume, is monitored by many knowledgeable
Wikka folks.  We also have an IRC channel on freenode (#wikka) that
is frequented by a couple of devs throughout the day (wherever your
day might be).

> Secondly, how do I password protect the whole wiki? I know how to do it 
> for individual pages, but there must be a way to do it globally 
> (including pages that haven't been created yet).

So you want to hide the entire wiki from the public, or just make the
entire wiki read-only?

If the former, I would suggest htpasswd or htdigest.  If the latter,
you'll need to modify the default ACLs in wikka.config.php to reflect
a "+" for write and "*" for read.  Depending upon the version you're
running, these should be the defaults when you install.


Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.

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