[wikka-community] help for a newbie

Grace Stanat grace
Mon Apr 5 17:18:43 GMT 2010

Brian & Erik:

Thanks very much for responding - much appreciated!

I should have been more clear; I want to what Brian described as "the 
former." I'd like to hide the whole wiki from the public, but of course 
I need a page where people can register. In an ideal world, the admin 
would approve that registration before it becomes active. So my follow 
up questions are:

1. Currently I'm using UR_validation_modules and UR_InviteCode_password 
in the config file. This works in terms of limiting registrations, but 
it would be better if registrants simply sat in a pile somewhere until 
the admin approved them (like in a standard forum, for example). If this 
is possible on WikkaWiki, that would be great.

2. Is it easy to explain to me how to use htpasswd and/or htdigest? I 
don't see them in the config file.

3. I think I've figured out how to let users upload files (pix and pdf 
is really all i need), but I haven't been able to successfully include 
any of the pix inline on the pages. I've tried linking to url of the 
pic, but it seems to go into the infinitely-repeating url that doesn't 
work. Any suggestions?


Erik: Thanks for the tips regarding the default setting in the config. 
Since I've just launched the wiki, I can manage to do them all without 
digging into the db, which is probably well beyond my ken.


On an unrelated note... though I am certainly grateful for your quick 
response, it does seem like the absence of a forum (and thus a 
repository of exiting knowledge about WikkaWiki) is undoubtedly holding 
back adoption of the system. Many of us do-it-yourselfers that are not 
quite programmers rely on such bodies of information to get going in new 
systems without "pestering" the big fish like you. I'm bold enough to 
ask a question that I know is completely basic, but lots of people, upon 
finding no forum, will simply resort to using a different wiki system. 
Of course, it takes considering work to moderate such a forum correctly, 
but even a poorly moderated one is better than none at all. It just 
seems like you'd rather answer the basic questions once instead of many 

In any case, thanks for doing such great work on WikkaWiki - I'm looking 
forward to using it!


On 4/5/10 4:43 AM, Brian Koontz wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 10:35:27PM -0700, Grace Stanat wrote:
>> Hello. Not sure where to send this, so apologies in advance if this is
>> the wrong place.
> This is the right place!
>> First off, is there a forum somewhere to ask questions of the community?
>> If so, I can't for the like of me find it.
> This list, despite its low volume, is monitored by many knowledgeable
> Wikka folks.  We also have an IRC channel on freenode (#wikka) that
> is frequented by a couple of devs throughout the day (wherever your
> day might be).
>> Secondly, how do I password protect the whole wiki? I know how to do it
>> for individual pages, but there must be a way to do it globally
>> (including pages that haven't been created yet).
> So you want to hide the entire wiki from the public, or just make the
> entire wiki read-only?
> If the former, I would suggest htpasswd or htdigest.  If the latter,
> you'll need to modify the default ACLs in wikka.config.php to reflect
> a "+" for write and "*" for read.  Depending upon the version you're
> running, these should be the defaults when you install.
>    --Brian

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