[wikka-community] 1.2 Upgrade - stuck on setup.css

Frank Kibbish kibbish
Thu Oct 15 22:30:07 GMT 2009

In preparation for upgrading our wiki to v1.2, I upgraded a copy of the
site.  I used a full copy (site and database), and then replaced the entire
installation with the wikkawiki 1.2 files and folders.  I then ran setup,
and it appeared to go OK... to a point.

Wikka.css isn't getting pulled in.  (I suspect there are other issues as
well, but this is the most obvious one so I thought I'd start here.)  When I
look at the page source of my Homepage, the site is rendering my homepage
code, but still using setup.css.

Where should I be looking to figure out why wikka.css isn't being pulled
in?  Is this a potentially a problem with wikka.config.php?

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