[wikka-community] 1.2 Upgrade - stuck on setup.css

Brian Koontz brian
Fri Oct 16 02:32:57 GMT 2009

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 03:30:07PM -0700, Frank Kibbish wrote:
> In preparation for upgrading our wiki to v1.2, I upgraded a copy of the
> site.  I used a full copy (site and database), and then replaced the entire
> installation with the wikkawiki 1.2 files and folders.  I then ran setup,
> and it appeared to go OK... to a point.
> Wikka.css isn't getting pulled in.  (I suspect there are other issues as
> well, but this is the most obvious one so I thought I'd start here.)  When I
> look at the page source of my Homepage, the site is rendering my homepage
> code, but still using setup.css.
> Where should I be looking to figure out why wikka.css isn't being pulled
> in?  Is this a potentially a problem with wikka.config.php?

Sounds to me like your browser is caching the CSS.  Clear out your
cache and try again.

1.2 has been tested extensively, and I'd be very surprised if the
correct CSS file isn't being called.

Have you made any changes to wikka.config.php?


Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.

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