[wikka-community] Cannot log in successfully

Jens Giesemann jens
Fri May 15 12:44:16 GMT 2009


i just stumbled upon this in my mail thrash - brians analysis may help 
again on charlies problem.


Brian Koontz schrieb:
> Kyle, the cookie paths being generated by your server are incorrect.
> The path should be /wikka...for some reason, they are being set to
> /cgi-system/php.cg.  I modified the cookies sent by your server to the
> correct path, and I was able to register and log in successfully.
> The cookie path is set within wikka.php, and depends upon
> $_SERVER[SCRIPT_NAME] returning a value that reflects the base_url
> that is set in wikka.config.php.  Normally, the default installation
> takes care of all this for you, so if you've got some aliases set up
> or have modified your .htaccess with additional rewrite rules,
> you'll have to figure out what needs to be done so that your cookies
> have the correct path set.  The easiest thing to do might be to modify
> WIKKA_COOKIE_PATH in wikka.php directly.
>   --Brian
> --
> Brian Koontz
> Wikka Development Team
> Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.
> On Sun, Apr 05, 2009 at 10:17:56PM -0500, Kyle Maxwell wrote:
>> The link is http://xwell.org/wikka/.
>> I've reconfirmed the mod_rewrite settings (in response to Nils' suggestion).
>> Jens, that is correct: no "wrong password" message. I'm definitely not
>> logged in, and although I can create other users, they can't log in, either.
>> Also, I've tried with other browsers and such just to rule out something in
>> my browser config, but the problem still recurs.

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