[wikka-community] little javascript trouble in page/edit

Jens Giesemann jens
Mon Mar 2 21:44:21 GMT 2009

hello all,

since some days i have mess with editing wikka pages while javascript is 

after having activated edit mode, the edit box is shortened  from the 
lower edge in 5 or 6 steps by a wizzards hand, each step has a duration 
of 0.5 sec. the remaining box is only somewhat 150 px high, with 
scrollbar. awful editing!  forbidding javascript via noscript restores 
the box size at once. feel free to have a look at the effect: 

this does occur with
both firefox 3 and ie 7, on win2k3 or vista, on all wikkas i 
have, whereever hosted

this does not occur at all
if firefox on ubuntu 8.04 is used, even with wikka
with any wikka i have, whereever hosted, even with windows

the wikkas were upgrades from customized line by line 
with the meld difference viewer ...
i did not touch the wikkaedit folder.

does anyone know a solution?

regards from oldenburg,


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