[wikka-community] Coding guideline about backslash.

mahefa randimbisoa dotmg
Mon Oct 8 12:09:27 GMT 2007

Which coding guideline about backslash?

My coding style for writing a backslash inside a string, whether
double quote or single quote is used as delimiter; is to expressly
escape it with another backslash.

These 2 strings are the same to write a string composed of 2
characters: a backslash and the letter n.
'\\n' and '\n'

I prefer the first one, and the reasons are:

1) When in the future, someone changes my singlequote in doublequote,
errors due to this change are minimized.

2) clarity: I don't need to think if the character that follow the
backslash has a special meaning when eventually combined with it. I
just have to count the number of backslashes and divide them by 2.

Consider you want to write a constant \\\d$, using a single
quote as delimiter.

If you use '\\\d$', the string will be : \\d$
You can easily get in trouble if you used to consider that escaping
backslash is not needed within single-quote-delimited strings.

To write the string correctly, you must do one of the 4 proposals below.
'\\\\d$' or '\\\\\d$' or '\\\\\d$' or

For me, having in mind that I always escape my backslashes, the 4th
proposal is what I can read and understand more easily.

Mahefa Randimbisoa (aka DotMG)

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