[wikka-community] config wikka for private Login/Register only?

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Tue May 22 07:17:43 GMT 2007

Hi Reid,

user registration control is not available on Wikka as of the latest  
release ( The next release (1.1.7, which you can get for  
testing from our SVN repository) includes an option to:

1) disable user registration
2) allow registration via an invitation code
3) allow standard registration

The following step will be to allow admins to creta/remove/disable  
user accounts.

Hope this helps,


On 22 May 2007, at 03:47, Reid Serozi wrote:

> On Mon, May 21, 2007 6:38 pm, fishy wrote:
>> you may edit wikka.config.php and change 'default_read_acl' to '+',
>> this will effect any further created pages.
>> for current existed pages, edit the ACL and change read to '+'.
> thanks fishy wang for your quick response. I am not understanding  
> how this
> will prevent folks on the Internet from creating new accounts...
> goals:
> 1. Prevent new Users/Register
> 2. As an admin, I can make new accounts for others
> 3. Anyone can read my wiki
> laters,
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