[wikka-news] Fwd: So long, and thanks for all the fish

Brian brianko at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 02:01:56 UTC 2020

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the end-of-life for
WikkaWiki. I have been an active developer with the project for 15 years,
and am currently the last of the original devs. A lot has changed in the
wiki landscape (and my own life) over the years, and TBH I have not kept up
with the changes in the PHP language. In addition, it really doesn't make
sense for me to continue offering new functionality for an ever-dwindling
audience of WikkaWiki users. To that end, I will maintain ownership of the
github repo and related issues database, but it's doubtful there will be
any more development. Of course, in the spirit of F/OSS, anyone is free to
fork the project and go off in their own direction.

Currently, Dario (one of our early visionaries) maintains ownership of the
wikkawiki.org domain; I host the various websites. I will be shutting down
the demo website, and will keep the www and docs websites alive for at
least a few more months. During that time, I will capture the content of
both sites and post the SQL tarballs (purged of user data) here for

I've truly enjoyed this journey, and I don't consider this the end, but the
beginning of some new journey I've not yet realized. To those of you who
have stuck with us, thank you so much! It makes the time spent on this
project worth every second of effort put into it.

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