[wikka-news] WikkaWiki heartbeat check

Brian Koontz brian at wikkawiki.org
Sat Jun 15 08:10:27 UTC 2013

First of all, many thanks to each of you who continue to support
WikkaWiki by maintaining Wikka sites.  If it wasn't for you all, there
would be no real reason to continue with development.  So long as
there are users, we'll do our best to keep WikkaWiki updated and

With that said, I want to ensure everyone that the project is not
dead.  A new (albeit minor) update was released in February, and a new
release is slated for August.  One of the goals of this next release
is to finalize internationalization support; most of the pieces are in
place, and the only remaining piece is the conversion of exisiting
Wikka databases to true UTF-8 data.  It turns out not to be a trivial
task, so it's something we want to get right. 

Finally, we lost our longtime hosting provider, and had to migrate the
sites to a new provider.  Right now, both www.wikkawiki.org and
docs.wikkawiki.org are up and running under nginx, with the remaining
sites soon to follow.  Please feel free to contact me directly or post
a note on the community mailing list (community at lists.wikkawiki.org)
should you find anything that doesn't work, or if the site is down.
The #wikka channel on Freenode is also monitored on a regular basis,
usually in the 0100-0400 GMT timeframe.  But the channel is
continuously logged, so if you do post something, we'll see it

Again, thanks for your continued support of WikkaWiki!


Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.

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