[wikka-news] Announcing release of Wikka 1.3.1

Brian Koontz brian
Sat Apr 23 21:40:42 GMT 2011

Wikka 1.3.1 was quietly released on 31Mar2011.  (It was done "quietly"
because I hadn't quite finished the documentation for the new release,
but I knew there were folks who have been waiting patiently for an

This release marks the very difficult migration of many years' worth
of Wikka releases back into what will now become the "current"
development branch for Wikka.  

What does this mean for Wikka users?  Hopefully, with all of our
development focused on one development branch rather than many, Wikka
releases will become a more regular occurrence.  The Wikka devs can
now concentrate on developing new functionality without having to
manage multiple development branches.

As always, you can find details and installation instructions for this
release on the Wikka docs server (http://docs.wikkawiki.org/WhatsNew).
Your comments, bug reports, and feature requests are always welcome.
The blog release notice
(http://blog.wikkawiki.org/2011/04/23/wikka-1-3-1-released/) provides
you with links the various reporting options available.

On behalf of the entire WikkaWiki development crew: Enjoy!


Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.

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