[wikka-community] Some questions about translations

Alexandr alexandr-gridnev at yandex.ru
Thu Aug 25 22:31:24 UTC 2016

Hi, and first of all sorry for bad english :).

I'm trying to understand how WikkaWiki translations must be made now, 
and it seems that there is an old translations system made by define() 
in /lang/* and a new, made by gettext in /locale/*

I made some debug of code to look how it works, and it seems that files 
in /lang/* are still in use, but most part of constants in files like 
en.inc.php are not used.

So, as i can understand - i must translate strings in *.po file and put 
it to a new locale in /locale/ dir... but what i must to do with /lang? 
Seems that i must create a new dir there and change I18N_LANG define to 
the new locale name, and there is no any reason to touch any other 
defines there, is it correct?
Also, seems that /lang/**/default/* files use _() gettext function, so, 
this files must not be touched?

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