[wikka-community] setting $_SESSION values

John Francis Lee jfl
Thu Oct 27 13:59:56 GMT 2011

I'm trying to set $_SESSION values, but without success.

My method is to create a page which contains an action which writes a 
javascript defining and calling a function which sends the value to be 
saved as $_SESSION[user][value] appended to a url via ajax.

I can see the thing working in firebug... and an alert appears, called 
by the ajax function on its return, with the value sent referenced as 
$_SESSION[user][value] and returned... but a second page containing an 
action which simply returns the $_SESSION contents shows no such 

What might I be doing wrong?

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John Francis Lee
246/3 Thanon Kaew Wai
Mueang Chiangrai 57000

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