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I'm using http://wikkawiki.org/URCaptchaModule
It installs ans works fine but spammers can pass throught it.

Found an article here :

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Ok... thanks. I am using the URTextCaptchaModule and will see if that 
helps. I did add a '<br/>' at the end of the html emitted on line 78 of 
URTextCaptchaModule.php and that seems to have straightened out the 
misalignment of the following, second password field when registering. I 
don't know if it's misaligned with versions of wikka other than 1.3.2.

If troubles persist I'll try the other captcha module, although it seems 
markedly more complex.

As far as helping out with the moderation queue... or anything... I can 
look at the code :) Who knows... in five years even I might be able to 
come up with something useful...

Thanks for your help.

On 10/24/2011 07:59 AM, Brian Koontz wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 10:21:05AM +0700, John Francis Lee wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just discovered
>>   1. a whole raft of bogus users signed up
>>   2. a whole raft of admin(!) pages created by the bogus users
>> I deleted the users en masse, but their bogus pages remained. I see
>> no way to delete the pages en masse. I'll have to delete them all,
>> one at a time.
> Check out AdminUsers.
>> This is a show stopper for wikka as far as I am concerned, if this
>> is the only way to handle this.
> Did you ever consider using the captcha module?  Or maybe enabling the
> invitation feature?  Both are rather effective at dealing with script
> bots (which it sounds like you ended up with).
>> First, I had no idea that new user accounts had been created. I had
>> assumed I'd be notified at the attempted creation of user accounts
>> and allowed or disallowed account creation at that point.
> Account creation isn't moderated.  You can disable new account
> creation in wikka.config.php, or you can use one of the two methods
> above to deal with open registrations and spambots.
>> Can I do that somehow?
> All the Wikka docs are here:
> http://docs.wikkawiki.org/HomePage
> Check out allow_user_registration here:
> http://docs.wikkawiki.org/ConfigurationOptions
>> Same with posting... first posting reviewed, if passed further
>> postings allowed.
> A moderation queue would be useful, just not implemented yet.  In
> fact, I found an enhancement request here:
> http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/159
> A few more years and it might become reality!
> I'm always hoping that someone on this list might step forward and ask
> if we need some help...
>    --Brian

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