[wikka-community] I think I have this figured out now...

John Francis Lee jfl
Wed Oct 19 09:24:28 GMT 2011

I think I have this figured out now... my problem was trying to figure 
out where to put the php, html, and javascript... but what I, or anyone 
else needs to do with wikka is forget all that, and to use the wikka 
language to program the wikka system. Elementary, I know... but I'm a 
little slow on the uptake in my dottage.

So I've begun by making a category hierarchy... which seems to work ok.

The only anomaly, from my point of view, is that clicking on Categories 
in the main menu gives me a flat list of all categories... which is not 
what I expected.

I expected a list of child pages of CategoryCategory, and that clicking 
on them would yield their child pages, with my lists of their 
children... grandchildren of CategoryCategory.

Is what I have what's expected? If so, I guess I'd have to look at the 
php code of wikka itself to make it do what I expected?

Thanks for all your help.

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John Francis Lee
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