[wikka-community] Login problem Wikka 1.3.1

Karl Stiller karl.stiller
Fri Apr 15 19:55:00 GMT 2011



Hi guys,

Sorry if this is this has been previously resolved, but I can?t find any
information about this on the site.

I recently installed Wikkia 1.3.1 on my local machine.  I managed to install
it with after overcoming a few problems looks great, loads nicely, however
there is one remaining problem that is.. well
 very very annoying! :-)
Basically it doesn?t let any user login.  I have tried the administrator
login, a user I registered, requesting the password reminder and loging in
with that, all to no avail.  After pressing the login button it simply..
loads the same page up again.

Some tests that I?ve made to try to discover the problem:

?         Login with a user that doesn?t exist: Reports that the user does
not exist.

?         Login with a user that does exist, but with the wrong password:
Reports that the password is incorrect.

So it seems to be accessing the database correctly
 but I can?t discover
anything further.  Another possible point is that I don?t receive any email
when I register a user or any email after I installed it.  Is this correct?
I do receive an email when requesting the password reminder.

Any hints?  Any way I perhaps print out a log file and see what?s going on?
Note that I have 0 knowledge in PHP.

The nitty gritty:

Windows XP SP3

Apache 2.2.17

MySQL 5.5.8

PHP 5.3.5



Karl Stiller
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