[wikka-community] can WikkaWiki work for me?

Nils Lindenberg nils.lindenberg
Fri Sep 17 18:42:16 GMT 2010

Hello Alessandro,

no, wikkawiki can't do these things for you. You might want to try a Document management system (some examples: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Document_management_systems) with an import function for your existing system. Since the zeitgeist goes into the direction of organizing your content inside the program and let it set up the file structure you might have a problem. 

Another solution would be to hire a programmer.

Best regards,

Am 17.09.2010 um 20:22 schrieb Alessandro Magni:

> hello,
> I hope to receive some advice:
> I lost track of how many wikis/mindmanagers/outliners I tested so far: do you mind if I describe to you what I'd like to do, so you can tell me if I'm banging at the wrong door?
> After more than 10 years using the same directory structure to store all my work / personal projects / ideas / ... I'd like to organize all this, NOT by building some kind of network/wiki manually copying all my folder structure (really, it's thousands of folders, and they're already well organized),
> but in some way pointing the program to the root of my folder structure and letting it create a wiki structure isomorph to it, with a node at each folder - which I would edit whenever necessary to describe its content, writing down whatever I want - and links to children nodes (and possibly also to parents).
> Can it be done with WikkaWiki? Can it be done with some other program?
> But wait - there's more (in my dreams): with some kind of cron job new nodes would automatically created/deleted with any structure change to my folders... tags could be used, based on their content...
> clearly I'm dreaming, but if you have some thought about it - I'd be interested to know!
> thank you
> alessandro
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