[wikka-community] My images do not show up

Victor Khangulov kilka.hamsa
Mon Mar 15 21:09:13 GMT 2010


I had a wiki (1.2-p1) running locally on my laptop for a while, and I 
finally got around to trying to migrate it to the web.  Everything got 
installed correctly and I imported the SQL DB which went fine too.  
However, all of the images that are in my '"uploads" directory are not 
showing up.  My logo that is in the "images" directory is ok, and my 
hyperlinked images are ok, just not anything local.  All of the files 
are there and have read permissions (644).

Any ideas?

Here is an example link: http://wiki.solariseclipse.com/ImageTest
The code is simply:
{{image class="center" alt="DVD logo" title="An Image Link" 
url="uploads/CategoryT62P/mojo_logo.jpg" }}

The server-side address of that image is:
/www/wiki/uploads/CategoryT62P/mojo_logo.jpg (20KB)


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