[wikka-community] Wikka trunk vs 1.3 inconsistent behaviour

Krzysztof Trybowski trybowski
Sun Jun 27 11:11:06 GMT 2010

so I've recently been ?upgrading? my Wikka-trunk to current snapshot of 1.3
and I came across an inconsistency in how the links code is being rendered.

My question is, if this inconsistency is being addressed by making installer
fix it during upgrade.

The thing is, that trunk would allow page names not following the CamelCase
rule. For example I could create a page named ?blah?. If I then put a link to
that page, it would be for example [[blah An interesting page]]. So the link
would link to ?blah? and have a description of ?An interesting page?.

In 1.3 however such a link would just point to a page called
?blah An interesting page?. And to make things work like it did before, the
link would have to be put like this: [[blah|An interesting page]]

While I like the new way (it gives more freedom), whole my site needs
upgrading now. Is it something the installer will do, or should I do this

Regards, KT

Krzysztof Trybowski
  Gadu-Gadu: 1458144 --- Skype: trybowski
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