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Nikola Skoric nskoric
Wed Apr 14 19:31:06 GMT 2010

On 13 April 2010 22:19, Brian Koontz <brian at wikkawiki.org> wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 09:31:54PM +0200, Nikola Skoric wrote:
> > Is it possible that Wikka Wiki doesn't support UTF in links?
> Test on the int.wikkawiki.org server.

I should have listened to your advice :-) I did everything described here:
http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaLocalization#hn_Using_different_charsets, then
figured out that doesn't solve my problem and only then I tried out my
problem on int.wikkawiki.org. Of course it failed.

So, basicly, what you are telling me is that I can't have non-english
characters in links on WikkaWiki?

> We will be adding true UTF-8 support in 1.3.

Do you have a roadmap? When san we expect 1.3?

BTW, Brian, although this didn't fix my problem, I appreciate your help.

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