[wikka-community] Lighttpd Rewrites

Mike Shultz mike
Wed Apr 14 19:04:46 GMT 2010

I was fooling around trying to get Wikka running on lighttpd and noticed
that the documentation isn't totally correct for the rewrites.  This is
the page in question:


The rewrite rules don't take into account additional plugins, templates,
the ability to call wikka.php directly, or the fact that some URLs will
have additional GET vars.

I was going to update the docs but ran into the invitation code barrier.
 Here are the rules that worked for me with 1.2-p1:

url.rewrite-once = (
        "^(/wikka\.php.*)$" => "$1",
        "^(/templates/.*)$" => "$1",
        "^(/3rdparty/plugins/.*)$" => "$1",
        "^(.*)\?(.*)$" => "wikka.php?wakka=$1&$2",
        "^(.*)" => "wikka.php?wakka=$1"

Let me know if I missed anything.  Hope that helps.

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