[wikka-community] utf in links

Nikola Skoric nskoric
Tue Apr 13 19:31:54 GMT 2010

Hello everybody.

Is it possible that Wikka Wiki doesn't support UTF in links?

I couldn't find a search feature for archive of this mailing list, but I
don't see this question being asked in last 3 month, so I hope I'm not
asking a frequently asked question ;-) Anyway, I installed the latest stable
release and in it Croatian characters in links don't work. Here is the site:

Here are some tips on how to enable UTF:
http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaLocalization, but that's for Wikka, and I
just can't seem to find an archive of older versions of Wikka. Where can I
download older Wikka releases?

Thanks in advance :-)

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