[wikka-community] Multiple Questions

Spot spot
Sat Apr 10 19:50:59 GMT 2010

Actually Brian, do you have another suggestion for a solution which is 
built on PHP? We do not currently deploy anything in Perl and therefore 
I do not have anyone super comfortable in it on the team.

Thanks again.

On 4/10/2010 1:51 PM, Brian Koontz wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 02:03:29PM -0500, Spot wrote:
>> We need the ability to store our documentation in svn, and therefore
>> require the ability to store page data in flat files as opposed to the
>> db. Reading page data off the file-system itself, or pushing it into the
>> db only when it changes on disk, doesn't matter. This documentation is
>> for our internal APIs, so load is not a concern. Either will work.
>> #1. Is there a module, or external code which provides this kind of
>> functionality? If not, how difficult would this be to hack into the
>> current Wikka structure (I have not had time to look at the Wikka code
>> personally).
> This would not be a quick hack, because the DB layer is not abstracted
> in Wikka.  I can recommend PmWiki -- I know the author, the software
> is sound, and its flat-file based backend is probably more aligned to
> what you need.  (Plus it's written in Perl -- very hackable!)
>> #3. Is there an API for using external user accounts? If not, is there a
>> way to not require the StrangE UsernameS of our developers?
> Not at the moment...this is being worked on, but it probably won't be
> done within the timeframe you have.
>    --Brian

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