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Brian Koontz brian
Sat Apr 10 05:14:44 GMT 2010

On Mon, Apr 05, 2010 at 10:18:43AM -0700, Grace Stanat wrote:
> 1. Currently I'm using UR_validation_modules and UR_InviteCode_password 
> in the config file. This works in terms of limiting registrations, but 
> it would be better if registrants simply sat in a pile somewhere until 
> the admin approved them (like in a standard forum, for example). If this 
> is possible on WikkaWiki, that would be great.

So what you're after is a "moderated registration" module that would
defer all registrations until someone actually approved/disapproved
the registration.  Shouldn't be too difficult to do; the pieces are
already in place.  I just don't have the time to do this ATM, and
probably won't for a couple of weeks.

> 2. Is it easy to explain to me how to use htpasswd and/or htdigest? I 
> don't see them in the config file.

These are authentication methods implemented by Apache, not WikkaWiki.
A Google search for 'htpasswd howto' and 'htdigest howto' brings up a
number of helpful links and recipes for doing this.

> 3. I think I've figured out how to let users upload files (pix and pdf 
> is really all i need), but I haven't been able to successfully include 
> any of the pix inline on the pages. I've tried linking to url of the 
> pic, but it seems to go into the infinitely-repeating url that doesn't 
> work. Any suggestions?

1.  Where are you getting the URL of the pic?  You should be able to
simply copy and paste the link that {{files}} generates and paste that
anywhere in your wiki.

2.  I prefer a centralized location for my uploads on some of my
wikis.  Here's how I do it:

a) Create a page (say FileUploads) and change the ACLs to !*/!*/!*.
b) Create an .htaccess file in uploads/FileUploads with a single line:

RewriteEngine off

c) Upload files using the {{files}} action on the FileUploads page.
d) Link to the files directly:


> On an unrelated note... though I am certainly grateful for your quick 
> response, it does seem like the absence of a forum (and thus a 
> repository of exiting knowledge about WikkaWiki) is undoubtedly holding 
> back adoption of the system. 

We have discussed the possibility of a forum many times.  The problem
with a forum is that it requires yet another allocation of time to log
in, check messages, respond when necessary, etc., not to mention the
admin duties that go along with maintaining a forum.  A m/l doesn't
require a separate allocation of time; requests on the m/l can be
dealt with in the course of checking other e-mail without having to
navigate to a webpage.  So right now, a forum isn't in the works.

> Many of us do-it-yourselfers that are not 
> quite programmers rely on such bodies of information to get going in new 
> systems without "pestering" the big fish like you. I'm bold enough to 
> ask a question that I know is completely basic, but lots of people, upon 
> finding no forum, will simply resort to using a different wiki system. 

I see no big fish in the pond we live in :)  I do agree with your
statement, though.  There's not much we can do about that.

> Of course, it takes considering work to moderate such a forum correctly, 
> but even a poorly moderated one is better than none at all. It just 
> seems like you'd rather answer the basic questions once instead of many 
> times.

So let me put you on the spot:  If I was willing to set up a forum,
would you be willing to help maintain it?  (A rhetorical question to
which you are under no obligation to respond.)

> In any case, thanks for doing such great work on WikkaWiki - I'm looking 
> forward to using it!



Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.

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