[wikka-community] Offering users a "Print Page" option

Vern View vernview
Wed Sep 23 14:16:49 GMT 2009

Thank you for your reply, Brian!

Here is my website: http://www.buadwiki.com/wikka/ for college classes. 
Currently, I'm only teaching Buad128 and Buad283, so those are the most 
interesting links. After this semester, I hope to open-up this wiki to other 
instructors for developing and sharing the curriculum. Our student access 
will be read-only, but I want other instructors to be able to log in and add 
to the content. This semester we have 10 different instructors teaching 
Buad128, so this would be wonderful.

> ., but one of my new goals now
> is to integrate WikkaWiki with Moodle.

That sounds very interesting. Please keep us informed.

> The first step is to create an "invisible" wiki.  There are two
> resources to use here:

Yes, I had read Dario's guide, which I agree is excellent, and started me 
thinking about a user-selectable "Print Version" button. But I hadn't seen 
your WikiInAVacuum notes -- I'll take some time to digest.

In a perfect world, I would use the "/print" method, similar to "/edit" at 
the end of a page URL. It would also be nice for integration into Blackboard 
or Moodle to have a "/minimal" method that used your trick of {display:none} 
for the header and footer. Just to clarify, my use-case is that I link to 
and reference a specific page in my wiki to display within our LMS -- I 
don't need students wandering around too much yet <grin>.

> P.S.  I just noticed your subject...there's some code on this page I
> wrote to dump wiki pages sans header / footer:
> http://wikkawiki.org/HTMLHandler

Wow, this is very close to what I need -- like your other site, I'll take 
time to digest before asking any stupid questions <grin>.

Thanks again for all your advice,

p.s. "vernview" is our building name, which is why you will see that header 
on these e-mail messages.

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