[wikka-community] 3rd-party Wikka 1.2 distro with CKEditor and AjaXplorer support

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Tue Sep 22 18:03:59 GMT 2009

I have just come across a French distribution of Wikka (not officially  
endorsed by the Wikka Dev Team) that integrates support for CKEditor  
and AjaXplorer.


I haven't installed it but a promising demo is available here: http://wikid.wickedfondation.fr/wikka.php?wakka=DeMo

Downloads: http://wikid.wickedfondation.fr/upload/file//Wikid.zip

Are the maintainers by any chance on the community list?
We may invite them to publish the code on our CodeContributions page  


Dario Taraborelli
Wikka Development Team

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