[wikka-community] Is there a guide to PHP functions in Wikka?

Will Woodhull wwoodhull
Sat Sep 19 17:16:40 GMT 2009

Here's the immediate problem:

I've rewritten files.php (as a plugin replacement for the original) to allow
any logged in user to upload files on a page. A simple matter of replacing
the $this->IsAdmin() test with $this->GetUser() test. But it turns out that
what I really want is to test whether the user has write privileges for the

So my immediate  question is how can I find the routine that tests the write
ACL for whether the user has editing privileges?

But my more general question is: Where can I find a listing of these kinds
of functions that would be useful in developing actions? I'm striking out on
Google searches: can't figure out the keywords that would narrow the number
of hits to something manageable.


Will Woodhull
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