[wikka-community] line breaks mid 'markup'

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Thu Sep 10 10:08:17 GMT 2009

Hi Dave

> Whats an exception then? Something contradicting the documentation?
> E.g. a newline within a link?


> That's what I found, newline within a link, 'I found it worked   so  
> I left it'
> was the rationale I was given.

there are many ways in which you can force a markup parser (not just  
Wikka's) to do things it was not designed to, that doesn't mean we  
encourage our users to take these cases as the rule.
Sorry if it sounds disappointing.

> But it does contradict the newlines within links regex? If they are  
> allowed
> in one place, why not in another would be the logic I guess.

let me stress it again. Literal newlines in the links regex are not  
officially supported.
The table markup parser is pretty robust, but it currently doesn't  
support multiline elements (such as lists) within table cells. This is  
why using a literal \n within a table cell (as well as within a link)  
is not supported.

>> In the next release (using trunk as a codebase, after merging back
>> 1.2-specific changes), the regular expressions used by the  
>> formatter will be
>> stored in a library to simplify their maintenance and  
>> documentation. This
>> should facilitate expressing formatting rules in other ways  
>> (hopefully
>> including BNF).
> Summary:  \n is allowed in a link, but nowhere else within an inline?

No, \n is *not* officially supported within a forced link. I was not  
behind the decision to losen the link regex, I would be happy to  
enforce a stricter markup.
I agree that leaving undocumented formatter options lurking around may  
be an annoying source of confusion.

> AFAIK that makes it the one exception?
> Everything else about the syntax is line based.
>  Or are there more exceptions?

the table row syntax is line based. Tables (as multi-row elements) are  
by definition multilines.
literal linebreaks are allowed within text formatters (such as  
**strong** and //emphasis//), <<floats<<,  %%code blocks%%



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