[wikka-community] Fixing a glitch with themes and mod_rewrite in 1.2

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Sat Sep 5 07:39:30 GMT 2009

If your wiki runs on Apache with rewrite_mode on and depending on your  
server configuration, you may have noticed some glitches with the  
display of themes. The kubrick theme, for one, doesn?t seem to  
correctly load the embedded graphics. The fix is simple: rewrite rules  
should be disabled in the templatesfolder. Simply create a file with  
the following content and save it as templates/.htaccess:

<ifmodule mod_rewrite.c>
         # turn on rewrite engine
         RewriteEngine off
The graphics called by the stylesheets of the themes should now be  
loaded. The same fix may be needed to be applied to plugins/templates  
if you are installing custom themes.

Dario Taraborelli
Wikka Development Team

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