[wikka-community] AdminUsers action - error received

Frank Kibbish kibbish
Thu Oct 22 01:19:38 GMT 2009

Hi Brian;

> Frank, I'd be curious to know exactly how you're "upgrading" to 1.2...it
really shouldn't be this difficult!  I just tried it again,
> started with and then copied over the contents of the 1.2-p1
tarball...both AdminUsers and AdminPages are there
> as expected, no DB errors.
> At the least, can you tell me what file archive you're using to upgrade

I used "Wikka-1.2-p1.zip".  I extracted it on a PC, and then ftp'd all the
files to the root directory of my wiki and ran the installer from my wiki's
home page.

It appeared to go fine -- no errors received during the upgrade.  But then
I've found all these "anomalies" once I started checking things.

Any thoughts?

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