[wikka-community] AdminUsers action - error received

Nils Lindenberg niehle
Wed Oct 21 20:10:15 GMT 2009

Looks like your upgrade did not run that smoothly:

Am 21.10.2009 um 20:06 schrieb Frank Kibbish:

> Hello again...
> My upgrade from is going smoothly since I reran the  
> installation.  My CSS is all fixed, and the site is looking good.
> So now I'm going through all the pages to validate functionality, etc.
> I noticed the two new admin pages -- AdminUsers and AdminPages --  
> that were created, but they were both blank.  Is this normal, or  
> should the {{adminusers}} and {{adminpages}} actions have been added  
> to those pages as part of the upgrade?

yes, that should have been the case

> I've added the {{adminpages}} action to the AdminPages wiki page,  
> and it works OK.
> However, when I add the {{adminusers}} action to the AdminUsers  
> page, I get the following error:
> Query failed: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wikka_users WHERE (status IS NULL  
> OR status != 'deleted') AND 1 (Unknown column 'status' in 'where  
> clause')
> Do I need to add the "status" column to my wikka_users table?  Is  
> this a change to the database since

Yes, you need to add the column behind default_comment_display:

status enum('invited','signed- 

you might want to check setup/install.php (below 'case "":') to  
see if other things where left out as well

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