[wikka-community] 1.2 Upgrade - stuck on setup.css

Frank Kibbish kibbish
Fri Oct 16 23:11:52 GMT 2009

Hey Brian;

Yes, this is an upgrade from  And yes, the css directory still
exists... I didn't realize that was a problem.  Where should wikka.css be if
not in a css directory?

And along those lines, is there a comprehensive summary somewhere of what
needs to be manually updated/changed when you do an upgrade?

Thanks es 73,
  Frank  WB6MRQ

Frank Kibbish Jr
kibbish at gmail.com

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 2:55 PM, Brian Koontz <brian at wikkawiki.org> wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 01:30:47PM -0700, Frank Kibbish wrote:
> > I don't see a path for the stylesheet in wikka.config.php... only the
> > stylesheet hash parameter.  I see paths for other things -- actions,
> > handlers, templates, plugins, etc. -- but not stylesheets.
> No, there are no paths for stylesheets.  These are automatically
> generated by the theme manager.  The hash simply forces a browser
> refresh when themes are changed.
> > The path in the output is
> > css/setup.css<view-source:http://www.wb6mrq.com/wikka/css/setup.css>,
> > which is my problem.  I don't understand why it isn't picking up
> > css/wikka.css.
> One problem I see is that 1.2 no longer uses the css/ directory, yet
> your css/ directory still exists.  Is this an upgrade (sorry if you
> already mentioned it and I missed it), and if so, from what version?
> Also, what is your 'theme' set to in wikka.config.php?  It appears to
> me that this was probably an upgrade over an existing version.
>  --Brian (WA3ITE)
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