[wikka-community] question about comment spam

Brian Koontz brian
Tue Oct 13 20:18:44 GMT 2009

On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 02:35:42AM -0700, Erlend Sogge Heggen wrote:
> #1 - I would also love to know how to mass delete, or mass manage anything
> at all.

Right now, I have a set of perl scripts I use for mass comment/content
deletion.  AmdinPages will support mass content deletion at some
future date.  Right now, we're focusing on pulling together all of our
source code tree changes into one tree.  Once that's done, we'll start
looking at new functionality.

> #2 - Wikka needs plugins for Akismet/Mollom for comments, as well as strong
> captcha. Possibly the same for wiki edits.

Captcha for logins:


Nothing for comments yet...

As for edits, I've found through experience that restricting write
access ACLs to "+" (registered users), in conjunction with strong
registration antibot measures, takes care of the vast majority of
content spam.

> #3 - Another option would be plugin / native integration with such comments
> systems as http://intensedebate.com/ or http://disqus.com/. I would probably
> go with this option if it was available. These systems come with their own
> high-grade spam protection. My site would be half-way integrated with my
> multi-blog already!

There are some who are working on integrating Wikka with a number of
systems...if you want to go for this, that would be great!


Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.

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