[wikka-community] JFusion and Wiki converters

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Fri Oct 2 10:40:34 GMT 2009

Hi Erlend,

just a short word about planning - we are now busy with a delicate  
merge operation, but I think I could start to see if I can drop the  
username restrictions reasonably soon without breaking other things.

AFAIK there is no universal wiki2wiki converter, the reason being that  
wikis tend to pursue some sort of markup lock-in strategy. Markup  
standardization proposals (such as Creole) haven't been tremendously  
successful so far, so in general, once you are stuck with a specific  
engine it's pretty difficult to migrate. The best way I know to import  
content (if not the whole DB) is to go the wiki2html + html2wiki way.

Wikka can currently import the DB from legacy Wakka installs and there  
was someone working on an importer from WackoWiki as well. I'd love to  
see more contribution in this direction (e.g. people who moved to  
Wikka from X and had to write code to migrate the content and userbase).


On 2 Oct 2009, at 11:14, Erlend Sogge Heggen wrote:

> Hiya guys, figured I'd might as well join the mailing list as I keep  
> coming up with a couple points I want to bring up every once in a  
> while. To continue where me and Dario left off on the blog;
> ( http://blog.wikkawiki.org/2009/09/11/how-to-design-themes-for-wikkawiki/ 
>  )
> It seems the naming convention might prove to cause some  
> difficulties after all:
> http://www.jfusion.org/index.php/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1743&start=30#p26744
> Fanno did however set up a demo with Wikka+Joomla integration  
> working fairly well already which is pretty cool :) I would strongly  
> recommend getting in touch with the JFusion developers and see how  
> you can help one another.
> Bottom line, the sooner Wikka's username's become more 'liberal' the  
> better. I believe JFusion 2.0 is aiming for release around november,  
> but nothing set in stone just yet.
> ---
> Secondly, I was wondering if there are currently any conversion  
> tools available for converting a popular wiki over to Wikka? The  
> available converters over at SimpleMachines.org is a good example of  
> a very comprehensive database of converters:
> http://download.simplemachines.org/?converters
> Personally, for Wikka, I would love to have one for DokuWiki, and I  
> bet a lot of people would like to see one for MediaWiki as well.
> Any plans / resources I'm unaware of?
> Cheers,
> ~ Erlend
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