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Frank Kibbish kibbish
Wed Nov 4 19:18:12 GMT 2009

Brian (et al);

I've been through the install.php file, and there are definitely some
inconsistencies.  I suspect they caused at least some of the problems with
my upgrade.

For example,  the creation of the AdminUsers page is on line 404, but then
appears again on line 408.  I suspect that's not really a problem -- the
database will probably ignore the second attempt to create the page -- but
it's definitely odd.  And there are other examples of duplicated SQL
statements in the file as well.

The results in my case were "spotty".  For example, the SysInfo page was
created, but none of the other Admin pages were.  Also, the sessions table
was added, but the "status" field was not added to the wikka_users table,
even though the sql statement to add the status field comes before the
creation of the sessions table.

I've pretty much manually executed or created everything in the install.php
file that didn't work, so I think I have a fully upgraded instance now, but
I still don't understand why it didn't work properly on its own.

I also get an odd error in my "trail" occasionally... it shows that the page
name is "3rdparty", and clicking on that link in the "trail" shows an error
message stating that pages cannot begin with a number.  But I don't have any
such pages, and haven't tried to navigate or create that page.  I'll have to
do some digging to figure out how this is ending up in the trail.


Frank Kibbish Jr
kibbish at gmail.com

On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 8:17 AM, Frank Kibbish <kibbish at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Frank, as soon as I get either the .zip file you're using for the
> upgrade, or an MD5/SHA1 checksum off that file...
> Brian, I sent the file to your gmail account yesterday afternoon, so let me
> know if you didn't get it.
> Thanks,
>  Frank
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