[wikka-community] Difficulties to install and to use Wikka

charlie charles.phg
Thu May 7 20:26:51 GMT 2009


Thanks for answering.

I think that I cannot edit any page because the page UserSettings doesn't 
work (?)
After entering my WikiName and Password, there is no redirection to 
In wikka_users table, the users are correctly created with "doubleclickedit 
= Y".
But there is no parameter about double click editing in my wikka.config.php 
file (see the attached file).

To solve this problem I've modified 'default_write_acl' => '*' in 
wikka.config.php because I need to edit pages.
But this is not a final solution if I want to put my site online.

Another question about "Textsearch" action.
How does it work ?
Because when I use it, it doesn't return all pages containing the searched 
word but only a few.
I've read that there is a "FullTextSearch" action.
Would it be a solution to my need ?
Where can I find the source ?

Thanks one more time for your answer.

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Am 17.04.2009 um 14:35 schrieb charles.phg at free.fr:

> In "http://localhost/wikka/", I can register new users, they are  created 
> in mysql.
> When I log in Wikka, there's no error message but, I cannot create  any 
> page by double-click.

create a page = edit a page? Please take a look if double click
editing is enabled both in wikka.config.php and for your user account
in the settings, too.

> There is not the "create" button in the bottom of the page.

You should see an "edit" link in the left corner. If not, please log
in as an admin (and please check your acl-setting-defaults in

> I'm trying to install Wikka on "mini_server_21_xoops_v2", using the 
> tutorial but that doesn't work.
> Certainly, I've missed something but I don't find what.

What exatcly does not work? Are the tables being created? Is the admin
user entered? The config file written? ? Please provide more information

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